Philippe Paraskevas : Breeding The Arabian Horse :Straight Egyptians Arabians Horses : The Egyptian Alternative
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Volume I
The Egyptian Alternative: Breeding the Arabian Horse, Volume 1 [Kindle Edition]

Volume II
The Egyptian Alternative: In Search of the Identity of the Egyptian Arabian Bloodlines, Volume 2 [Kindle Edition]

*In tribute to the EAO, and the EAO horse, now in Arabic*
**Originally published in the May 2013 issue of Arabian Horse World
The author addressing
the Asil Club A.G.M.
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Philippe Paraskevas :The Egyptian Alternative : Buy Online Now :Straight Egyptians Arabians Horses
Philippe Paraskevas :The Egyptian Alternative :Breeding The Arabian Horse : Volume 1 Book :Straight Egyptians Arabians Horses
Philippe Paraskevas :The Egyptian Alternative :Breeding The Arabian Horse : Volume 1 Book :Straight Egyptians Arabians Horses
The Paraskevas Arabians of Egypt - Part IV
by: Anita Enander
The peace of the garden in Dahshur is broken by a stallion's call. Ghallab (Rizkallah x Shameya EAO), the reigning head sire at Paraskevas Arabians, knows he is about to show off for visitors in the gardens at Dahshur …

Arabian Horse World Mag. July 2013 Issue
The Paraskevas Arabians of Egypt - Part III
by: Anita Enander
It's a paradox - the dry Egyptian desert interrupted each spring by a bounty of greenery fed by the Nile River. Alfalfa grows abundantly under stately orchards of date of palms; huge piles of the fresh-cut feed are transported …

Arabian Horse World Mag. May 2013 Issue
The Paraskevas Arabians of Egypt - Part II
by: Denise Hearst
A stunning display of stallion power in the desert outside of Cairo introduced us to Philippe Paraskevas's Egyptian Arabian Horses (November 2011 cover story). Now, he invites us back to the gardens of Dahshur to savor the

Arabian Horse World Mag. May 2012 Issue
The Paraskevas Arabians of Egypt - Part I
by: Denise Hearst
Follow along the Nile canals heading south from the Giza Pyramids toward Dahshur. As the miles click by you’ll leave the noisy traffic of Cairo far behind and feel as though you’ve entered another era …

Arabian Horse World Mag. Nov 2011 Issue
The Egyptian Alternative
This book is a clarion call for revolution in the way breeders view, and breed, Egyptian Arabian Horses. In Volume I of ‘The Egyptian Alternative’ Philippe Paraskevas challenged many current notions about breeding and horse showing practices, his primary concern being to safeguard the future of the Egyptian Arabian horse.

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The Egyptian Alternative
THE EGYPTIAN ALTERNATIVE is a thought – provoking book for breeders of the Arabian horse and Egyptian Arabian horse lovers wherever they may be. The author Philippe Paraskevas, drawing on the words of scholars and breeding authorities past and present does not..

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